Things to remember

Oh, Summer.  Why did you have to go away?  And when did I start talking to myself?  I can answer that... when I was stuck inside the house for what seemed like forever with a sick family.  The sudden change in weather brought upon the usual coughs and colds but they lingered a little longer than usual this time.  Let's just say sleep is a very precious commodity in this household at the moment.

I know I haven't been recording bit and pieces as much as I used to.  I honestly thought being at home would mean more time to write down our family doings but it hasn't been the case.  Anyway, right now I have some time so here are some things I don't want to forget...

... like when Grace sings along to the Frozen songs in the car or when she watches the movie (then proceeds to tell us to stop singing when we sing along.  Grace of course we'll sing with you when we've listened to the song for the 1,293th time.)  Her little singing voice is something I want to capture, wrap up and keep in a box forever so I can listen to it when she's older and remember the joy and sweetness
... or how Xavier laughs when you nibble him right under his chin.  A laughter volcano.  Jackpot
... or how I know Grace is in Xavier's cot reading because Xavier won't stop laughing in delight
... or how Grace claps anyone whenever they've gone to the toilet.  I guess it is a celebration
... or how Xavier seems to think everyone is playing 'peek-a-boo' with him.  He really is my happy boy
... or how I love how sisters know when to call when I need it most.  Thank you
... or how patient my little brother is.  He's going to make such an amazing husband and father some day
... or how my father opened up to me about work
... or how my mother is so so so so so so talented.  So talented
... or how my mother-in-law came to stay for a few days and saved me from losing it.  I was that close
... or how my husband is so raw.  So real.  So honest.  I really need it

So yes.  I really don't want to forget these good things.

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 ::Hanging out in the pram + Aunty Millie::
 ::Panda beanie + saying sorry for locking mummy out of the house (grr)::
 ::Daddy's cooking + eating sweet potato brownie batter::
 ::Gong gong and Xavier + chocolate milkshakes with daddy::
 ::Sandcastles + Xavier in his Sunday best::
::more pram hanging + poor sick Gracie::
::Tai Po and Xavier + family shot::
::Train riding selfie + posing with some zebras::
::new hat + more sandcastles::

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A visit from Grandpa

We haven't seen Grandpa in a while 
so we were all happy to have him visit us on the weekend.

Especially the kiddies...

... we love you!

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Trains, party bags and besties

We had a really nice Saturday afternoon with some friends over the weekend.  We celebrated a beautiful little girl's first birthday at a park with miniature trains (I always think of Grandpa pig when I say that... miniature locomotive... ha!) so the kids had an absolute blast.  I don't think I saw Grace, Joel or Amaya for a good half an hour while they rode around the park. 

 ::Xavier, Jake, Jessie and I::
 ::Jake and Xavier are already besties... wanting to hold hands::
::pick your own lollies for your party bag.  Great idea but not so fun for the parentals :/ ::

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Will and Grace... the journey so far

We had a fun playdate with Will and Aunty Viv last week.  The catch ups aren't as frequent as they used to be but it's still so much fun when we do get together.  It took some time for Will and Grace to warm up to each other (it had been quite a while since they had seen each other) but when they finally did, they had a blast.

I thought it'd be a good idea to look back 
and see how much these two munchkins 
have grown over the past two years....

::the day they first met!::
 ::holding hands early...::
 ::...and again (we promise we didn't force them!!)::
 ::sharing is still hard::
 ::photos from our last catch up!::

Thanks again for a fun morning, Will and Viv!  And for letting me steal some photos, Viv!

Let's catch up again soon xx

Other playdates can be found here, here and here.

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Sunday best 03/12

Our monthly Sunday best photo has sun in Joel's face...

...and Xavier seems to be looking at our window.

Oh well.

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Some birthday celebrations

So I had a birthday this week.  I didn't think much of it until the day came.  I mean, as long as I didn't have a car accident (like I did last year... eek), then the day would be fine, right?  But I ended up having a great few days.  Lovely messages, surprise drop offs as well as celebrations with family and friends has reminded me on how lucky I am to have some pretty awesome people in my life.  Plus I didn't have to go to work on my birthday so that's always a bonus.

::Kisses from my little girl::

 ::A fun morning with friends::

Another year older... hopefully a little wiser too =)

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